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I went on a little stroll round the metro centre with my Mama the other day, me and my Mam shopping together is always recipe for a spree. We had a good look around and I found some little gems I wanted to share.  

The first thing I picked up in the above pictures was an everyday Zara Basics Handbag. My other handbag has a broken zip so I wanted a mini one just to throw over my shoulder. I always like to have one large bag like my City shopper Bag from Zara, but I also think a messenger bag is appropriate just to shove everyday items like your phone and purse in ( i'm always justifying the need to buy a new bag, as Zara bags are dreamy). I picked this up and looked at the price tag of £39.99 to then turn the tag over and see it was reduced to £12.99!! I was ecstatic as Zara bags are always really nice quality and have loads of compartments.

My next purchase was some Zara sunglasses, I know the weather is still gloomy but I thought I'd be optimistic and buy my first pair of the year. I spotted these at the counter and thought they looked very 60's. Again Zara sunglasses are always good quality and come with a gorgeous Tan leather case. I couldn't believe it when the lady scanned them through the till and they where reduced from £17.99 to £5.99!! I felt like such an un-intentional bargain hunter.


These weren't actually purchased on the day I went to the metro centre but thought I would include them as I was on the subject of glasses. These where purchased on Ebay, I wanted some clear lens tortishell glasses to wear everyday. I didn't actually realise how huge they would be ha! but never mind I still really like them, I think they will look really cool with bright coloured lipsticks in summer. These where a one off seller but if you are looking for some similar ones Topshop had a pair I had seen.

Topshop / Urban Outfitters

These Necklaces are my go to everyday necklaces at the moment. The first three starting at the right are from Topshop, they came three in a pack which I liked as they are three different sizes and designs. The gold one being the largest and the smallest one is about the size of a pound coin. They reminded me of Versace print necklaces. I like them just to jazz up a plain outfit. 

The last necklace being the Hamsa Hand is from Urban Outfitters, I have wanted one of these for so long, especially one with a long chain, this one does have a long chain and finishes about 4 inches up from your belly button. Love them!


There is never a trip to the Metro Centre without visiting Boots. I had seen both of these products reviewed and heard really good things.

The first thing I picked up was the Revlon Colourburst Matt Balm in the colour 'Elusive Insaisissable' . I had had my eye on this for a while. Its a lovely mauve'y pink colour, and if you've read my blog or watched a makeup video before you will know I have an obsession to those kind of colours. It has a lovely moisturising finish and the pigmentation is really good. The last thing that really pleased me about this product was it smells of mint, I love minty smelling lip products as I think they make your mouth feel fresh.

The Next item was Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint In the colour
'Rich Russet'. This eyeshadow is a perfect everyday colour, its a very similar colour to my 24hr colour tattoo 'on and bronze'. Its is a creamy consistency ( don't let this put you off if you have oily lids! because its staying power is amazing ). Overall loved this product is gone straight into my makeup bag.


Primark has been really good lately! there has been lots of things i've seen in magazines, blogs and Pinterest coming in for spring/summer 14 that are on my list! i managed to pick up 4 things.

The first thing was this black rose jumper. Im still into jumpers at the moment with the weather still being rubbish, but in particular shorter jumpers to wear over dresses with tights. Its quite a thin material though so will be versatile and hopefully see my through to summer. I think it could also be dressed up or dressed down with nice makeup and jewelry.The roses are dotted about the jumper rather than being symmetrical which I really like and they are also sewn on so the detailing in them is gorgeous. 

Another jumper, This one is a slightly thicker Acid wash blue jumper. I chose it to be oversized and wear again over dresses and tights. I loved the plait style and the turn up sleeves. I always picture how I wear my makeup with items I buy, and my thoughts on this is that it would look nice with a pastel pink lipstick for sunnier yet nippy weather.

The next item I picked up was a lilac/grey shirt (although it just looks very grey in this lighting) I again bought this oversized as I thought It would look nice bagged out of skirts for a day or night look. I think it could be dressed up or dressed down depending on your makeup and jewlery. I loved the hidden buttons with three strip of fabric at the front.

And lastly another bag, I bought this after buying the Zara one, I have no excuse for needing another bag I just really liked this. It had loads of compartments which i'm a sucker for and It also had a really long shoulder strap so the bag lies right on your hip which I liked. The bag is Faux leather but it felt so soft like real leather. I think of you didn't know this nag was from Primark it could easily look like it was purchased in Topshop.

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