Top 5 Fragrant Favorites


My top 5 fragrances post - Asside from the obvious that I love perfume because of the smell I have an obssession with perfume bottles! 


Chanel Chance 

This is top of the list for a reason, I LOVE Chanel Chance it's such a fresh fragrance for everyday. It's a light, floral fragrance with a hint of vanilla. I also love the round bottle as many of the other Chanel perfumes are oblong. This has been one of my favorite perfumes for as long as I can remember and will continue to be!


Zara Oriental 

This is a perfume I've recently managed to get hooked on. I was shopping in Zara and when I came to purchase my items I noticed these at the side of the till *sneaky Zara*  I just picked this up to smell it not thinking it would be anything special... To my complete surprise it was gorgeous! It's a very sweet vanilla-ry fragrance again, which from this post you may see I love sweet perfumes. Almost a caramel scent with a woody undertone. This was really good value for money too! 


Calvin Klein Forbidden Ephoria

This was a gift I got last Christmas, I've continued to recive it as a gift on birthdays and Christmas' since all of my family now know my love for it. This is a very fruity & sweet fragrance with hints of raspberry, tangerine and peach. I've never been mad on Calvin Klein perfumes and I don't particularly like the normal Euphoria, but I urge you to sniff the Forbidden version it's dreamy.


Vera Wang Princess Night

This is one of the heavier scents within this list of perfumes, this is something I wear if I'm going out somewhere special through the day and also on nights out. I wouldn't say it's only a 'night fragrance' - I still wear it daily also. Although it's heavy, if you spray sparingly its not too over powering. It's smells lovely and lasts really well too. The smell again is a vanilla type scent with a fruity/floral smell. I also LOVE the bottle. 


Lady Gaga Fame 

I Bought this for myself when I was on holiday In Rome in Sephora. It came in a gift set which included a smaller sized perfume bottle with a roller ball applicator perfect for keeping in your hand bag; I've used all of the smaller version and almost all of the large bottle, I'm on to the last dregs! It's been a well loved fragrance. I was attracted to it because of it's black colour, when I picked it up and smelled it it was completely my type of fragrance. It smells almost like a honey scent mixed with apricot and flowers! 

I hope my description of smells wasn't too bad! It's actually really hard haha.. Thanks for reading! I'd love to know your top fragrances! Recommendations are welcomed :) 

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