Yesterday myself and Luke took a stroll round Newcastle, we went to the vintage shops for a nose around..

Monument - Walking to vintage shops ..

Follow the yellow brick road 

The first shop we went too was called 'Retro' a lot of the shops that used to be there have closed down which was quite disappointing, but my two favorites have stayed!



Some vintage platforms soo cool 

They sell lots of trinkety things very up my street

Fur Coats 

The next shop we visited was called Alicia, this one is my favorite out of the two; it's literally like Aladdin's cave, the man that owns it is lovely too. They sell clothes and furniture. 

Vintage Clocks 


There are some amazing Glitzy dresses there if you had somewhere really special to go.

Vintage shoes 

Lady wall hanging

Feathers, feathers & more feathers 

Old phones 



Upstairs is where most of the furniture is 

Vintage photos 

Glitter ball! 

Starburst clocks 

Luke looking swarve new vintage jacket 

More fur (faux) & some paintings 

Sale Rail 

70,80's Lights 

Loved the old suitcases 

Sunset on monument.

And lastly we finished our day with a sharing platter at Nandos *yum

It was a really nice day overall, I love looking round places like that, it makes me want to own my own little shop. Definitely worth a visit.. Thanks for reading!

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