Baby Skin


Baby skin by Maybeline has finally entered my makeup bag, a bit late I know - but better late than never..

I was attracted to this after using Maybeline Baby lips for so long and LOVING them, when this was released I needed to get my hands on it. 
It comes in a cute little tube, the packaging colour is pretty. I like the easy acsess sqeezy tube. You can just throw it in your makeup bad and simply screw the lip off when you want to use it.

I've been through Loads of primers in my time and I've never really been a huge fan, even the most raved about primers have failed to impress; mainly because I have oily skin. I can't help but feel they make my makeup slide off my face by mid morning. 

However I gave this the benefit of the doubt and I'm actually really surprised. I've tried benefit porefessional and that semmed to roll into little bits when I applied it on my face, it also seemed to make me very greasy no matter how little I applied. 

This however seems to be a thicker consistency, which at first you might think isn't a good thing; but it actually sits much nicer on my skin. You only need the smallest amount and even without makeup it's nice just to soften the appearance of the skin.

I'm not WOW'ed by this and again I don't think I ever will be with primers - but I am glad I perchased it. I think I would buy it again as it's only £7.99 which is pretty reasonable.

I took some snaps of my hand with the primer on. It's difficult to capture on photograph, but as you can see in the 'After' image the pores on my hand do seem smoother.

As I said don't be surprised if your not wowed, it does what it says on the tube but isn't a miricle worker.

Hope you enjoyed reading my revew. I'd love to know what you think about this primer? Comment bellow and let me know :) 

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