Another day in Tynemouth


Today we spent the day in Tynemouth again, this time we went with our friends Jonny and Mathew. We went to see the Sunday market that is on in the station and also in the church that is there. I've also just recently purchased a 50mm lens for my Canon 600D so I was really excited to try it our for the first time.Here are some snaps from my day... 

    The Bay 

    Priory by the beach

    Sea side 

    Walking to church markets 

   Blurred street      

   Inside the Chrurch Market 


   The Cove

   Quirky litte Tattoo shop upstairs

    I've got a bit of a thing for signage     

   Sweet shop downstairs

   Bon Bons 

   Sweet shop Fudge 


    A little pugy wug in one of the shops

We then went into a shop called Rasberry Bazaar that has pretty Trinkety things....



   Yet more pink! 

Each room in the shop is themed with a different colour.

   A cute little owl bauble left from Xmas 

   Russian Dolls

We then walked to the main section of the market that's based inside Tynemouth Metro station...

   The metro station 

   Trinkety things

   Old Photos

   Vintage Coats 

   More coats 

   Vintage Posters 

   I wish I had one of these ^


And lastly my purchases of the day.. I bought some chocolate inscence sticks for my bedroom and Luke also got some Chilli Chocolate Fudge *which absolutely BLOWS your mind! So spicy but nice* I love Sundays. 

Now about to go and spend my night watching Mrs Doubtfire.